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Learnfly Webinar:

Learnfly Webinar is basically a Web based seminar in which the participants will attend a presentation or a lecture, transmitted through designated online channel(s). The biggest benefit through a webinar is that we establish 'interaction', which we consider to be a necessary step towards learning. The participants will be able to ask questions, ‘chat’ with other participants and hear live from one or more experts on a subject. We aim to enable the webinar participants to comprehend the curriculum of the course and its impact on their career cycle.

Learnfly Workshop:

Learnfly workshop is nothing like the conventional – old school and boring series of thesis, read out loud under a roof among the attendees. Our workshops have been planned to achieve a much bigger objective, which is transforming the life of an individual student. Now, students can be from a variety of fields, and of various types as well. These workshops provide an opportunity for all to connect with the most gifted and talented educators from across various subjects/fields. People attending the workshop will learn more innovative techniques that they can practice in their own career. Moreover, course details will be discussed and doubt sessions will be conducted towards the end of each workshop.


Learnfly Events:

Attending the Learnfly events will offer you to meet the expert faculty and engage with their work, ask questions or perhaps a chance to network with other like minded individuals like you. This is important because networking is fundamental to getting a job, or starting a business. We will be conducting comprehensive discussions about course projects, online training, on-campus boot camps and special developments in the related industries. These events are another step towards being more approachable to our audience, and building an immersive learning environment for each individual.