55105: Quick SharePoint 2013 Maintenance for the Part-Time Administrator

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55105: Quick SharePoint 2013 Maintenance for the Part-Time Administrator

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Course Description

About the Course

- You already have SharePoint 2013 deployed as this is not a planning or installation course.

- The student will or may be called on to perform administration or maintenance of SharePoint and the frequency of these calls may vary meaning you may have forgotten how to perform a procedure.

- The student is not a SharePoint IT professional, and this course is not intended to make you one. There are other, much longer, and more detailed courses that set you on that path.

- The student wants clear explanations with as little jargon as possible.

- The student needs take-aways they can rapidly go back to quickly if called on to perform administration.

- Everything in this course, and indeed almost every course you ever take on Microsoft technology can also be located in MSDN, or TechNet, or a Microsoft blog. So then why take this course? You will get there faster, you will understand want you need to, and you will have a video toolkit to remind you how to perform procedures. In this course:

- You will go through an explanation of each procedure.

- The procedure will be explained and you will practice both manually, and with PowerShell, so you can choose which to use.

- If PowerShell is used, you will have clearly shown, in color on a PowerPoint where you may need to insert your custom parameters.

- You will practice every procedure with an instructor available to answer any questions.

Course Curriculum

Course # : 55105
Exam : Quick SharePoint 2013 Maintenance for the Part-Time Administrator

55105: Quick SharePoint 2013 Maintenance for the Part-Time Administrator


  • Understand the terminology.
  • Understand SharePoint administrators.
  • Understand SharePoint farm architecture.
  • Understand architecture of collection.
  • Understand architecture of content databases.
  • Run Internet Explorer as a different user
  • Understand the differences depending upon logon for Central Administration
  • Understand the differences depending upon logon for site
  • Create a new web application and collection
  • Create and delete site collections using both Central Administration and SharePoint Management Shell
  • Manage blocked files
  • Manage locks
  • Change administrators
  • Work with quotas
  • Understand features
  • Understand and configure branding
  • Manage navigation
  • Utilize reports
  • Manage the recycle bin
  • Create and modify libraries and lists
  • Utilize views
  • Add pages
  • Manage folders and metadata
  • Utilize the Web Parts and Web Part Gallery
  • Create and configure Information Management settings
  • Use Document Sets
  • Use the Content Organizer
  • Configure workflow settings
  • Utilize basic workflows
  • Close and delete sites
  • Add a content database
  • Attach or detach a content database
  • Backup and restore a site collection

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for IT Professionals, Developers, and Power Users.
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